Cadet Training - Financing University and Your Student Loan.


Going to university or college is probably of the biggest investments you can make other than buying a house.  Most students will not need to pay tuition fees up-front, as they are likely to be entitled to a Tuition Fee Loan. Grants and loans will help with living costs, including your rent, food, books and stationary, as well as transport and socialising. There are a range of websites offering information on grants and loans available from the UK Government and from UCAS. As always, it is worth visiting the Student Loans Company to find out more.

Independent advice about student costs, student finance arrangements, and loans and grants can be found on the student pages.

The Army also offers bursaries and financial incentives to support young people wanting a career in the armed forces after completing their education. Visit Army Bursaries for more information.

Parents filling in their part of their children’s student loan application are being misled into over-declaring their income, according to The Guardian who report that students could be missing out on millions of pounds in grants and loans .

The Student Room records some student experiences of the world of loans and grants.



Why join the army cont...

5. Comradeship – The feeling of belonging, of loyalty and friendship you get serving alongside your comrades is unique. Knowing that your colleagues will always protect you and will rely on you to do the same sets those in the services apart from any other job.

6. Skills for Life – Because most jobs the British army offers directly convert into civilian occupations, the army is a place not only to learn a skill, but to get experience. When you take that skill, with your training and experience with you to an employer, you will find that you will be much in demand.

7. Medical cover – With the UK economy still in decline, many people find themselves (and their family) without private health insurance. The British military’s medical benefits are staggering with no annual fees.