Cadet Training - Accommodation.


There are few places better to be a student than in Europe's largest city. The opportunities and adventures that are on offer in London are only limited by your energy! From Soho bars to West-end nightclubs, from the markets of Brixton, Camden Town and Notting Hill, to the shops in Westfield and Oxford Street, there is always something new to see and experience. With hundreds of  museums and galleries (which are usually free or have student discounts) house some of the best collections of art, science and history in the world.

Finding good yet affordable accommodation can be a nightmare, but the Accommodation for Students website has a reputation and service that seems to very good.


Why join the army cont...

5. Comradeship – The feeling of belonging, of loyalty and friendship you get serving alongside your comrades is unique. Knowing that your colleagues will always protect you and will rely on you to do the same sets those in the services apart from any other job.

6. Skills for Life – Because most jobs the British army offers directly convert into civilian occupations, the army is a place not only to learn a skill, but to get experience. When you take that skill, with your training and experience with you to an employer, you will find that you will be much in demand.

7. Medical cover – With the UK economy still in decline, many people find themselves (and their family) without private health insurance. The British military’s medical benefits are staggering with no annual fees.